Speculation on Hogan/Wrestlemania, HBK On Angle

Speculation on Hogan/Wrestlemania, HBK On Angle

By DByrnes · Tuesday, March 14, 2017 · 0 Comments

Hulk Hogan

Speculation Surrounding Hulk Hogan/Wrestlemania Return

Hulk Hogan is continuing to tease a possible return to the WWE, with the opening of his new beach shop in Orlando, Florida coinciding with Wrestlemania season, fuelling speculation that he may be set to return.

With his legal issues with Gawker having been settled and the heat from his racist comments died down, it is expected that the WWE will bring Hogan back much sooner than later.

Hogan posted the following video in regards to his new store;


HBK On Kurt Angle's Return To The WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels recently sat down with SI.com, where he revealed his thoughts on Kurt Angle's return to the WWE.

“There has never been anybody that I got in the ring with that I felt I needed to specifically train for. There was never even a possibility that someone could have more gas in the tank than me, but Kurt was different. I confessed to myself that Kurt was that guy, and I knew that match had to live up to extremely high standards, so I made sure I prepared extra." 

"Kurt was the one guy I wondered if he could actually blow me up, so I had to work to make sure that didn’t happen. A lot of my other WrestleMania matches get talked about, and somehow this does get overlooked. Part of that is because, with my other WrestleMania matches, I had long-standing programs with my opponent. Kurt was on Smackdown and I was on Raw, so my matches with Kurt were like special attractions and there wasn’t as much storyline to them.” 

"Kurt is a WWE guy and his best stuff was on the WWE stage. That is absolutely not to take anything away from anything he’s done in any other places, but it’s nice that he can come back and get recognized for his contributions. I’m so amazed that he could go from this gold-winning Olympian and transition so flawlessly into our line of work. Nothing was out of the ballpark for him. He could wrestle, he could be silly, he could out-wrestle guys. Kurt adapted to the world of the WWE unlike anybody with his unbelievably legitimate credentials behind him.” 

Check out the link below for the full interview.


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