Cena On Putting Wyatt Over, Orton/Wyatt Wrestlemania Plans

Cena On Putting Wyatt Over, Orton/Wyatt Wrestlemania Plans

By DByrnes · Thursday, February 16, 2017 · 0 Comments

Bray Wyatt

John Cena On Putting Bray Wyatt Over

As was seen on this weeks SmackDown! Live, Bray Wyatt managed to successfully pin John Cena to retain his WWE Title for the second time in a row. Sean Waltman, who was backstage, revealed on his recent podcast that it was actually Cena's idea to put Wyatt over cleanly at Tuesday's event from Anaheim, California.

"I'm not sure what the finish was supposed to be for the match last night. But I know this for a fact, that John Cena insisted on putting Bray Wyatt over again last night, insisted on it. That's not just a rumour."

Check out the link below for the full podcast episode.


Wyatt/Orton Storyline Update

It was revealed on this Tuesday's episode of SmackDown! Live that Randy Orton would forfeit his WWE Title match against Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania 33 later this year. Daniel Bryan would take to Talking Smack to reveal that there will be a Battle Royal to determine a new Number One Contender for the WWE Title on next week's SmackDown!.

The belief within the WWE is that the company decided to go with this angle in an attempt to help fill the storyline for the next month, with Orton still in the loop for a title match at Wrestlemania. WWE are also weighing up the idea of possibly making the match at Wrestlemania a Wyatt Family Triple Threat match for the title.


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