SATURDAY, Grand Slam "New 52" in Old Forge, PA; Airing LIVE

INDY NEWS: SATURDAY, Grand Slam "New 52" in Old Forge, PA; Airing LIVE

By TheMark · Wednesday, February 8, 2017 · 0 Comments

SATURDAY, Grand Slam "New 52" in Old Forge, PA; Airing LIVE - This Saturday, Grand Slam heads to the NEW GSW Arena, 1 Maxson DR, Old Forge, PA with GSW Cybernetic taping at 6:15 pm and on Facebook LIVE on starting at 7 pm.

GSW Heavyweight champion Mike Vaughn defends against United Stamper Alliance member Kevin Graham, in Graham's official title defense. #PresidentOfWrestling Phil Stamper has a surprise announcement for Vaughn, as well!

GSW Adrenaline champion Brute Van Slyke defends against fellow international competitor Gran Akuma!

GSW Tag Team champions The Takeover, Adam Falcon and Joe Quick, vs. The Impeccables, Keita Murray and Kit Raff, vs. The Cash Ma$ter$, Shawn Andrews and Clay Drasher.

DeSean Pratt returns, accepting a challenge from "Young Dynamite" Jay Freddie.

To qualify for the 2017 Agro Cup, Commander Ephex faces AJ Evers!

Stevie Shields takes on United Stamper Alliance member Sean Silence.

Kevin Cartwright, Dante Dio, and Shane Storm vs. Bo Nekoda, Riddi##, and Mike Skyros!

Andy Header vs. Danger Jameson.

Dante Draconis vs. Rex Taylor.

Mark Hart returns to face Jordan Lenn-X.

Tickets $10 (Kids under 12 are free). Show support on Facebook at - -


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