Review of YouShoot with Ken Anderson

Review of YouShoot with Ken Anderson

By TheMark · Sunday, January 29, 2017 · 0 Comments

Mr. Anderson
MR. KEN ANDERSON has been a star in WWE and TNA, now he joins the bravest people in wrestling who were guests of KAYFABE COMMENTARIES for their acclaimed YOUSHOOT series. If you have never seen one of these interviews, host SEAN OLIVER sat with Anderson asking questions fan sent in and Anderson needs to answer them no matter how dumb they are. 

Here are the sections the questions were listed into: 
OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling), Sex, Drugs, WWE, the Gimmick, On the Road, Heat, the Dirt, Potpourri, Wisconsin, Hollywood, the Boys, TNA, the Current Scene and the Finish. 

This was a fun show, not like the ex-WWE visitors who protected the brand. Anderson holds nothing back on his feelings for Randy Orton and John Cena who fans feel were part of why he’s not in WWE. In addition we find out who influenced Anderson to be part of the wrestling business (Steve Austin), who he liked to travel with, doing the Aces & Eights faction in TNA, stories of the legendary “Wrestler’s Court”, why he dyed his hair blonde in OVW, who he liked working with, getting busted by the WWE Wellness Policy, memories of being the last ever opponents of Eddie Guerrero & Umaga before they each passed away, wearing camouflage too much in TNA, working for the Hulkamania Australia tour & what he did as a profession while he was working his way to WWE. Sean uses clips from other Kayfabe releases where Ken was name dropped plus he plays the traditional YouShoot games “What’s in the Bag”, plus F/M/K and Who’s an Asshole. Plus I think the fans finally get the answer to the Dave Bautista genital question that has been asked for years. 

Next on the release list is Timeline History of WWE 2006 Blue w/Swoggle (1/31/17) & Back to the Territories: All Japan w/Stan Hansen (2/21/17).  For information on Alan Wojcik’s wrestling coverage, check out &


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