Heel Turn On Last Night's SmackDown

Heel Turn On Last Night's SmackDown

By Phil1990 · Wednesday, January 4, 2017 · 0 Comments


It may have only been the first SmackDown Live of 2017, but the Tuesday night show has already set the tone for the months to come. 

As well as Dean Ambrose winning the Intercontinental Championship in his match against The Miz and AJ Styles signing the contract to face John Cena in just three weeks time, last night's event saw Dolph Ziggler turn heel as well. 

Dolph lost his scheduled match to Baron Corbin and then when Baron looked like he was going to attack him with a chair, Kalisto came to his aid. The former World Heavyweight Champion didn't want any help from the Mexican star and instead super-kicked the taste out of his mouth. 

Ziggler then headed backstage and seemed frustrated, so when he was confronted by Apollo Crews, he headbutted him and then the two brawled in the locker room. 

It seems that this is the heel turn that the WWE Universe has been waiting for and could well begin some big things for Dolph moving forward. 


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